Smaak™ U- Hold Mounts

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The brand new Smaak™ U-Hold Universal Car Air Vent & Desk Mounts are sleek and compact mounts that provide a universal fit for all mobile devices.

The Air Vent has a vent clamp, which provides easy and secure mounting or removal from your car’s air vent by one click, while the Car and Desk Mount uses a sticky gel pad as well as a strong locking lever to ensure your mount won’t budge from its desired location whether on your dash, windshield or desk.

The mounts are compatible with most Smartphones including iPhone 6 Plus and gives you the ability to view your Smartphone without holding it, thus giving you a safer driving experience.

The Smaak™ U-Hold Universal Car Air Vent  & Desk Mounts are available for purchase on the iSmaak website for R249 and R299


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