The Benefits of Tempered Glass

There’s no denying, smartphone prices are on the increase as newer models get released. But the repair costs of these devices are skyrocketing as the inevitable screen shatter appears on your phone. But, it’s not only screens shatters that damage your precious phone, dust, UV rays and even scratches often cause more damage than meets the eye.
The best protection comes in the form of tempered glass screen protectors, one of the hottest protection items on the market. And that’s why at Smaak™, we have worked with some of the worlds best tempered glass manufacturers to bring you a world class product that protects your screen from almost anything.
So, what’s all the hype about? Well, 26 percent of iPhone users have at some point cracked their screens and 15 percent continue to use their phones with broken screens.
Smaak Tempered Glass
The big deal surrounding tempered glass screen protectors is simple. They work, protecting the screens from scratches, cracks and even shattering by absorbing the punishment and stress that comes with heavy use.
Some manufacturers are relying on hype to sell their tempered glass products, but what’s truly important is durability, fit, ease of installation and protection. Your screen protector should be cut to fit your device like a second skin—and cut accurately based on actual size of the devices, not based on speculation of what the size might be after the device is released.
The Smaak™Prime Tempered Glass screen protectors are made from 0.3mm 9H premium
Japanese material and are up to 3 times stronger than regular screen protectors. They have an oleophobic coating to protect against oil, water and have anti-fingerprint properties. The Smaak™ Prime Tempered Glass screen protectors are shock resistant and have cut rounded edges for a perfect fit. While many screen protectors are gruelling to install, the Smaak™ Prime Tempered Glass screen protectors are a breeze. Use the supplied alcohol wipe & dust free cloth to clean your phone and then simply place the screen protector on the phone.


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