Smaak™ Fuse 5W/7.5W/10W Qi Wireless Charge Dock - Black

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The Smaak™ Fuse Wireless Charging Dock is a compact wireless charging dock for your iPhone, Samsung or any other Qi Certified or wireless charge enabled mobile device. Fuse Dock delivers 5W, 7.5W or 10W charging power (refer to the table on gallery slide 3) to rapidly charge your mobile device.

It folds so you can use it as a stand or pad and you can dock your mobile device horizontally or vertically thus allowing multiple viewing angles. It has a built-in LED charge indicator that shows the charge status of your mobile device. Included is a 1.5-meter high-strength nylon braided micro USB 2.0 charging cable.


Qi Certified
Adaptive Charging
Folding Mechanism
1.5m / 4.9 ft Nylon Braided Micro USB 2.0 Charging Cable

Safety Features:
Temperature Resistance
Overcharge protection
Short Circuit Protection

Product Standard: Qi V1.2.0 Certified
Input Voltage/Current: DC5V/2A, 9V/1.8A
Output Power: 5W/7.5W/10W
Working Frequency: 110-205 KHZ
Power Distance: 0~10mm
Height: 128.5mm
Diameter: 68.5mm

Supports up to 10W Fast Charging Speeds*

*Wireless charging power varies and is measured in Watts. Charging power is dependent on the mobile device type and charging device being used.

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Whoever invented wireless charging is a genius! My wife gave me one for my birthday and I use it daily.

Smaak Wireless Charge Dock
Smaak Wireless Charge Dock
Smaak Wireless Charge Dock
Smaak Wireless Charge Dock
Smaak Wireless Charge Dock Info